Full Service Waxing & Threading Salon in Surrey, BC

Doria Salon Spa is an award winning spa offering premium waxing and threading services in Surrey for both women and men. Doria only uses the finest quality waxing products that are both hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin. You can always expect a clean and comfortable environment when stopping by for a waxing service. We offer a wide range of waxing treatments using both hard and soft wax, and can remove as much or as little hair as you desire. If you are looking for specialty waxing services in Surrey, you can count on Doria to deliver the results you are looking for.

Our hair removal specialists offer everything from facial waxing, full body, brazilians, chest and back with both laser and wax methods of removal. You can rest assure that our technicians only use the best methods of sanitization, while maintaining the highest hygiene and customer service standards in the industry.

Doria Salon, Spa and Laser is located in Sullivan Heights in Surrey, BC. We serve clients coming from South Surrey, White Rock, Delta, Cloverdale, and Langley. See below for our waxing service list along with pricing.

Waxing Services

Sideburns $10
Brow $12
Lip/Chin/Cheek $12
Shoulders $15
Underarm $15
Half Arm $20
Bikini (Classic) $20
Bikini (French) $25
Half Leg $30
Brow & Tint $30
Full Face $32
Full Arm $35
Half Leg & Bikini (Classic) $40
Chest $50
Back $50
Brazilian $55
Full Leg $55
Full Leg & Bikini (Classic) $65
Full Body (male) $140
Full Body (female) $150


Chin $8
Upper lip $8
Sideburns $8
Brow $10
Full face $30

What to Expect with Waxing

When the warmer months approach, waxing can be a hot topic and this translates to a lot of questions. Like anything, there are pros and cons to waxing, furthermore there are a lot of misconceptions. We hope to answer some common questions as well as clear up some misunderstandings some have when it comes to waxing.

Waxing Pros:

  • Waxing lasts longer – We recommend anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks
  • Shorter shower times = Saving on your water bill!
  • Prevent ingrown hairs – For those prone to getting ingrown hairs, waxing is a good solution to prevent them.
  • Eliminates hairs in “hard to get at” areas – We’ll let you figure out these areas.

Waxing Cons:

  • Ouchie! Yes, it hurts. There is really no way around this.
  • Can be uncomfortable – If it is your first time with an esthetician, it can be a bit awkward initially.
  • Chance for reaction – If you have sensitive skin you may experience some redness or bumps right after your wax.
  • Additional cost

Waxing Tips

Here are a few things to keep in consider which will help make your waxing appointment go smoothly:

  • Exfoliate before your waxing appointment. This will prevent ingrown hairs after your wax.
  • Avoid shaving between your waxing appointments. This can make your next wax more painful and diminish the results.
  • Get 2 to 3 weeks of hair growth before your appointment for better results.

Contact Us for Waxing Services

Contact Doria Salon for waxing services for men and women. For more information, or to book your next waxing service call today at 604-572-5556 or email us at info@doriasalon.com. Alternatively, you can send us a message.