You wouldn’t sew a pattern out of polyester if it called for silk, then why cut your curly hair with the exact methods used for straight hair?  If you wear your hair curly, or want to start, we have specialists on hand to help you fall in LOVE your hair when you leave, like all your “straight haired” friends do.   Pintura Coloring is custom curl painting specific to your curls.

Cutting & Styling

We need to see how your natural beautiful curls sit before we touch them. Please arrive with dry, clean, detangled, and product free tresses to give us the best idea of how each curl falls. Avoid using elastics, headbands, pins, clips for the day, as this can leave an unnatural kink and could effect how it is cut.  Your hair will be cut dry finishing off with all the moisture your hair can handle with our Deva curl setting that will leave you and your curls feeling fabulous!

All prices determined with the consultation. Our level systems are based on the stylists demand for their time.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Devacut $82.95+ $93.45+ $103.95+ $114.45+
Pintura Highlights Half Head $135.45+ $145.45+ $155.45+ $165.45+
Pintura Highlights Full Head $156.45+ $166.45+ $176.45+ $186.45+