Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions are a great option for vacations, special occasions, those who need a little help with length and/or fullness, and even women who simply want to cut down on time spent getting ready in the morning. With a soft touch and regular fills, they can be maintained as long as you desire. (Suggested to remove for a week and re-apply once a year, but not absolutely necessary.)

Each fibre is delicately attached to one of your natural lashes. This “one-by-one” application allows your natural lashes to cycle as they would regularly, removing any potential for thinning of the natural lash line beneath. Length and fullness are customized to each client’s preference.

Test (15 mins): $0
Recommended for clients with any trepidation about sensitivities. 3-4 lash fibres attached on outer corners to ensure there will be no irritation or sensitivity to glue. Require at least 24 hours between test and application.

Full Set (1.5 to 2 hours): $125
No more mascara melt and raccoon eyes! Get the look of mascara without having to fuss with that messy brush in the morning. Just get up and go! Lash fibres attached to each lash all the way across lash line.

Half Set (75 min to 1.5 hours): $85
Lash fibres attached to every second or third lash, up to 70 lashes per eye, all the way across lash line. Great for those looking for a subtle, natural lashlook. (Those with light lashes would be advised to come the day before application to have natural lashes tinted.)

60 Min Fill: $60
Recommended every 2-4 weeks. Every client will vary based on cycle of their natural lashes. Fill includes as many lash fibres that can be attached within 60 minute time frame.

30 Min Fill: $45
Recommended for quick touch ups or every 1-2 weeks. Fill includes as many lash fibres that can be attached within 30 minute time frame.

Removal (30-45 mins): $25
Recommended for those wanting to take a break. With eyes closed, gel remover is gently rolled over lash fibres to loosen glue. Please DO NOT try to remove extensions yourself. It could result in permanent damage to your natural lashes.

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