Our Team

Shanna and Suman are what we like to call “The Dream Team”. Hard work and dedication are proof that they have put their entire hearts into creating such a unique environment at Doria. With a fine mix of elegance and spunky attitude, this is a power duo is a force to be reckoned with.


Manager / Co-owner / Make Up Artist

From the age of 5, Shanna knew this is what she wanted to do. She would do her hair, nails and play ” Fashion Salon” all day. Shanna knew this Industry was calling her. She started her career at Doria Salon in 2007 as Salon Co-Ordinator. Being Taught and Mentored by Michael Jones, little did she know that one day with his help she would own the Salon. In 2013 she Re-Invented Doria Salon. She had a dream of a Salon that was Trendy, upscale, affordable and fun! Doria Salon has grown into one of the top Salons and Spas in Surrey. Now with a team of 15+ employees and with plans to open two more locations, Shanna is living her dream everyday.

” Every client is important. The clients are why we are here; they make the Salon what it is-I’m just lucky enough to get to be a part of something so Great. ”


Education: Degree in Business Science
Experience: Since 1998
Style: It is better to be Absolutely Ridiculous than Absolutely Boring ( Marilyn Monroe)


Co-owner / Esthetician / Laser Technician / Make up Artist

Suman has 7 years of experience in the beauty industry. She joined Doria Salon in 2010 as an Esthetician. Then in 2013 the opportunity presented itself to become a co-owner. This was a dream come true for Suman who had hoped to open up a salon one day. Suman’s dedication allows her to take a customer oriented approach to providing her clients with the most optimal spa experience. Furthermore, Suman is a Reiki Master. For those who are not familiar with Reiki, it is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Suman’s passions lay in utilizing her knowledge and techniques that she has developed over the years, through Reiki and other professional classes to provide her clients with an unrivalled experience. Furthermore she wants to promote relaxation through her services and wants all of her clients to feel beautiful, both inside and out.

Education: Bachelor of Commerce, John Casablanca Institute Make-Up Artistry Diploma and Body Spa Diploma, Reiki Master
Experience: Since 2007
Style: “My taste is simple… I like the best.” ~Osho


General Manager / Esthetician / Makeup Artist

Krista brings her bright and sunny disposition to the salon each day. She has always loved working in “people environments” and truly enjoys managing the salon’s operations with her well-renowned attention to detail. Krista works hard to help each of the salon’s/spa’s clients feel unique, uplifted and pampered. She has quickly become the glue that holds Doria Salon & Spa together. While making your appointment she hopes you can feel the smile in her voice from the other end of the phone; she strives to make your visit a memorable one. She has over 18 years of Esthetics experience-5 of which she trained Esthetics instructors and students alike. Before joining our team Krista gained experience managing and consulting spas from the ground up. She has built many Spa and Salon training programs that are still used today. Krista’s unique ability to educate each guest on how to achieve results at home coupled with her need to give only the highest standards in service should make an “experience” that meets all your expectations!

Krista is also a makeup artist with us.  She loves to enhance your natural beauty without going over the top.  Her goal is making you feel like you still look like yourself but accentuated.  Krista’s understanding of different skin types and how they react to different products is what gives her the edge.  Being an Esthetician as well as a makeup artist is an asset that has helped her greatly along her career, and being addicted to beauty products doesn’t hurt either.

“Confidence comes from within, but looking your best can give you the little push it needs” ~Krista

Education: Marvel College, Excellence Diploma 2001, Teaching Diploma Level 1 & 2, Dermalogica Certification, Laser Certification, Multiple Advanced Education in skin care, makeup, and business .
Experience: 18 + Years
Style: “A great leaders courage to fulfill her vision comes from passion, not position.”


Lead Receptionist

As a licensed Stylist and Esthetician Angela came to us wanting to make a change. She finds it rewarding to use her skills and knowledge of the trade to help organize and build the career of others.  She brought what we were missing and has quickly made the everyday life of a salon and spa smooth, efficient, and fun.  Angela is the burst that Doria needed to make the everyday tasks easy and flawless with her multi tasking abilities.  We cant even remember life without her and she fit in instantly with clients and employees alike.  Come down for a chat over a cup of coffee and you will see why we love her having her!

Education: Certified Stylist 2007 Richmond School of Hair Design, Licensed Esthetician 2002 Dominelli International College of Esthetics
Experience: 19 + Years
Style: “Do it my way, or do it the wrong way”


Master Stylist

Starting her career in hair in 1988, Sandra was exposed to this industry at an early age. Her father, Ray Doria took his training in Italy and passed on the European influence to her. Sandra LOVES all aspects of hair. Working with people’s face shapes and hair types, she recommends the best suited styles for each individual, then blends in current trends. “Our hair is an extension of ourselves, it represents who we are. It is an accessory to have fun and change up. The most important thing is that we are comfortable wearing our hair and doing our hair. I’m here to give you those options and then help you achieve them”

I look forward to meeting you!

Education: Former Salon owner and Italian trained.
Experience: Stylist since 1988, European based apprentiship. Regional champoin and competitor of the year. Award winning stylist in men and womens visual and technical haircutting, womens styling and fantasy. Former salon owner, educator and trainer. Former commitee chairperson for the BCHA ( 2 years) Former Committee member for BCHA (12 years) Hairdresser of the year ( 1996) Level one Judges guild. Several magazine features, Celebrity clients. Advanced training Tony & Guy, Vidal Sasoon, Suikis, Sam Villa, Trevor Sorbie, Chris Baron, Jack Nosegaard, Dennis Gebhart, and Lena Choi. Attneded numerous Redken Advance education programs and Symposiums. “You never stop learning”
Style: “Staying trendy at any age”


Master Stylist

Lee has been a fully trained and licensed hairstylist for 37 years. Originally trained in England, she attained her City and Guilds status in 1974. On arrival in Canada, she took her BC Licensing exam in 1976. Once a former hairdressing school owner, salon owner and educator, Lee has also been a Provincial Examiner, committee member for the BCHA, and is a Master Stylist and Silver Level Judge. Among her academic qualifications she has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria in Art History and Creative Writing and holds an Adult Education Certificate and her Red Seal. She has also taken further advanced training in hair design from Dwight Miller, Trevor Sorbie , Chris Baron, Jack Nosegaard, Krop&Styles, Vidal Sasoon ( London), Wayne Grund, Leo Forsyth, Dennis Gebhart, Lena Choi and Daniel Benoir as well as master classes from all the major colour companies. When Lee was looking for a well established professional salon with a long term vision of it’s future, she found Doria and Company, and has been a valued member of the team for 9 years. Specializing exclusively in Women’s couture cut and colour, Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the salon. After 37 years in the industry, she still loves and is so Passionate about her career.

Education: In England, attained her City and Guilds status. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria in Art History and Creative Writing. Adult Education Certificate and Red Seal.
Experience: 41+ years. Former hairdressing school owner, salon owner and educator.
Style: Women’s couture cut and colour


Master Stylist / Assistant Manager

Madelaine comes to you with 28 years of hair experience. She considers hair her canvas and styling her creative outlet. With her edgy, free flowing style she approaches each client with attention to detail, individualized style, and the latest techniques in hair trends.

Madi delivers a diverse and unique experience allowing your inner person to transcend to the forefront. Her knack for hearing what her clients are saying and her artistic vision combine to create a consistent experience.

Madelaine continues to improve and update her techniques through classes and collaborative learning. Specializing in human hair extensions, braids and weaves she is also a precision cutter experienced in all hair types from kinky curls to bone straight. Madi will help you to embrace your hair and show you the products and styling tips that will allow you to reproduce your new look every day!

Education: Licensed Stylist 1989 Extensive knowledge of Hair Extensions, African Hair and Difficult Hair Types. Deva Curl Certified, Redken Certified Colourist
Experience: 28+ Years
Style: “Extensions should be your little secret.”


Level 3 Stylist

Jennifer V grew up in Kelowna and started her journey by graduating from Marvel College, She was a stylist in Kelowna for 6 years and in that time she discovered her passion for her career. While working she had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of advanced academy classes. Jennifer’s favorite part of her job is the relationships she builds with her clients and is just happy “making guest’s day”. She loves to see the joy on her clients faces when she gives them a hairstyle that they love and suits their lifestyle. She enjoys working with a client’s natural texture and showing people how to best maintain and work with their hair. She specializes in working with curly hair, both cutting and styling. Jennifer excels in blonde foiling using placement and foiling techniques to achieve multi dimensional blonde bombshells. When she’s not hairstyling, you will usually find her enjoying her passion for volleyball with her friends.

Education: Marvel College, Advanced Academy
Experience: 10 + Years
Style: “Smile! You never know whos day you might brighten! ”


Level 3 Stylist

Gillian is an amazing talented stylist. Her extreme knowledge and dedication puts her on a higher platform. Gillian is a Deva Curl master and a Color technician idol. With over 17 years of exceptional experience Gillan is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion for educating her guests on the art of taming, controlling and manipulating even the most difficult hair types is what sets her apart in the industry. In her spare time you can find her spending time outside enjoying the fresh Vancouver air, hiking local trails and mountains and finishing off with a nice glass of malbec whilst enjoying local cuisine.

Education: Licensed Stylist, Deva Advanced Stylist and Educator in Devacuts, and Pintura Hilighting, Redken Certified Colourist
Experience: 19+ years
Style: “A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.”


Level 2 Stylist

After her studies at Sassoon’s Academy in Santa Monica and becoming a certified stylist, Luisa carried her knowledge into becoming an instructor at various Academies in the following years. Along with her many talents Luisa specializes in Precision Haircuts. The more edgy/funky or colourful the better! Luisa can also capture an elegant side to her clients with unique updo’s. She believes that personality reflects in the hair and she wants nothing more than to help her clients create the best version of themselves.

Education: Sassoon’s Acedemy
Experience: 9+ years
Style: Specializes in precision cutting


Level 2 Stylist

Gorgeous from the inside out! Amy is a fabulous addition to the Doria Team and is moving up the ladder quickly. There isn’t a color she cant tackle or a person on earth she doesn’t get along with. She comes with 4+ years of experience and graduated from Richmond School of Hairdressing. She was taught on the “Pivot Point” program which prepares students to work worldwide. She loves working with blondes and working with anything color related. In her spare time you can find Amy taking a weekend getaway or walking to enjoy the lower mainlands beautiful scenery.

Education: Richmond School Of Hairdressing, Deva Insprired Stylist with experience in Deva Cuts and Pintura Hilighting
Experience: 4+ Years
Style: Whoever is happy will make others happy too !


Level 2 Stylist

Rachel comes to us with a light that brightens up any room. Working at Tommy guns for a few years she came to us as she missed her “girl time”. She has moved up the ladder quickly and shows no signs of slowing down. Taking all classes and learning new techniques is what she strives on. Rachel has taken our in house extension class learning for the experts and loves Ombres and Balayage techniques. Couple those skills with her fantastic attitude to keep learning you will be just as excited as we are with her!

Experience: 4+ Years


Level 2 Stylist

When Stephenie came to us we knew she would be a lifer. She steped up as one of the most well rounded stylists, and employee at Doria. There are no tasks she cannot do and nothing she doesnt put her 110% attention into. Stephenie discovered her passion for hair while she was still in High school. Starting her career in 2008, she attended the Aveda Institute and Academy, studying through to Advanced Hair Design. Since joining our Doria Team in early 2016, Stephenie has found her passion reignited!! She loves working with Blondes, long layers and showing people how beautiful and confident they can be!

Education: Aveda Institute and Academy, Redken Advanced Education
Experience: 9+ years
Style: Edgy and Adaptable


Level 1 Stylist

Sylvana started with us directly out of her training. We saw someone special in whom we couldn’t let get away. In one meeting with her you will quickly see why. Her bright demeanor, coupled with her attention to detail, as well as the ability to really listen to what her guests want, give her an edge that can take others years to learn. Starting as a assistant with us helped her gain some skills and tips from the masters as well as the young and edgy stylist alike. Education is number one on her priority and has already attended a number of extra classes and courses than some take over the course of years. She attended Las Vegas symposium in January 2017 and was introduced to some of the leaders in hair care, color, and techniques across the board. If you are looking for a stylist, you will want to have Sylvana start with your hair now, as she will be moving up the chain very quickly, mark our words!

Education: Hair Art Academy 2016, Redken Symposium 2017, Sukis Advanced Cutting Program
Experience: 1+ Years
Style: “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought with ador and diligence.”


Nail Technician/Microblading/Esthetician

Sarah Plant is a licensed award winning Nail Technician and Esthetician that has been active in the beauty industry since 1999. After completing an internationally recognized diploma program in Esthetics, Sarah spent a number of years perfecting her craft as a senior technician and manager at an award winning Salon and Spa. With a thirst for knowledge and drive for exceptional service Sarah has continued her education throughout her career. Sarah has become an creative nail design master technician as well as earning of other certificates from many leaders in the beauty industry.From 1999-2006 Sarah participated regularly in local and international nail competitions. She received multiple first and second place awards for her skills an artificial tips and overly as well as securing herself a spot as one of the top nail techs in Canada. Since retiring from the competition arena Sarah has worked closely with industry professionals to educate clients on the most up to date style, healthy nails and beauty practices.

“I am always open to questions. The knowledge I have gained from almost 20 years in this industry is not just for me. It’s for everybody. To get the most out of your beauty services. You must have absolute confidence in your technician and salon. Our clients deserve that security and the way to give that to them is by educating them.”

Education: Domenelli European College of Esthetics (1998) Licensed Intentionally
Experience: 17+ Years
Style: Elegantly Edgy


Esthetician / Makeup Artist

You cannot help but smile when you meet Hazel. Her genuine demeanor and contagious smile leave you feeling like you’ve met a true friend. Growing up, esthetics was her hobby and she decided to turn a hobby into her career. She graduated with honors from the esthetics program at the John Casablancas Institute. She strives to give the best possible experience to each and everyone that walks through the door. Hazel keeps up to date in taking every workshop and certification possible, to keep her knowledgeable and on trend. In her spare Hazel loves anything to do with Animals and playing outdoors.

Education: Estehtics Diploma John Casablancas Institute, Bachelor Of Sciience, Laser Hair Removal Certificate
Experience: 4+ years
Style: “The best cosmetic is great looking skin.”